Wedding Couple Sends Invoice to No Show Guests

Wedding Couple Sends Invoice to No Show Guests

( – Everyone knows how expensive weddings can be, even people who have never had to organize one themselves. Feeding and entertaining dozens of people is a costly affair at the best of times. When you’re pulling out all the stops for a wedding feast, the expenses can really add up. One Chicago couple came up with a controversial way of managing the costs associated with their nuptials, and it set the internet ablaze with debate.

After the curtain fell on their dream wedding in Jamaica, Doug and Dedra Simmons decided to send invoices to invitees who RSVP’d but failed to show on the day. The invoice charged recipients $120 per person not in attendance and requested payment via either PayPal or Zelle. It explained that the charge covered the cost of each seat at the wedding, and it was necessary because recipients had failed to give the happy couple “proper notice” they weren’t coming.

The novel idea has inspired heated debate on social media platforms. Some people think it’s a justifiable move, given how inconsiderate it is to say you’re going to a wedding and then fail to show. Others think invoicing was simply over the top, regardless of the circumstances.

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