Meth Is Now Impacting Fish

Meth Is Now Impacting Fish

( – As humanity has consolidated its position as the dominant species on this planet, it has wrought scarcely believable damage on its surroundings. Ecological concerns were non-existent for most of our history, and even now that we understand the damage we’re causing, we still haven’t stopped the behaviors.

Aquatic creatures have had to deal with as much as any other type of animal. As our societies have industrialized, we’ve polluted the water around us with a growing number of impurities. On Wednesday, July 7, National Geographic reported a curious and tragic trend related to this type of pollution — trout in some rivers are becoming addicted to meth.

Experts conducted a study in which they introduced methamphetamine to water, creating concentration levels similar to those found in waterways near wastewater treatment plants. After placing trout in the water, they reported that the fish exhibited typical signs of addiction, such as inactivity and withdrawal.

This study covered meth only, but similar problems likely exist with cocaine, heroin, and even medical treatments like birth control pills. Because our bodies don’t fully process these compounds, they can end up damaging ecosystems after we excrete them. This is yet another indication of just how destructive our species can be without even realizing it.

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