I See Chocolate in My Future

I See Chocolate in My Future

(RepublicanDaily.org) – Some health regimens involve intense eating protocols and strict exercise that is difficult to keep up. Understandably, many Americans burn out on these fads and opt to simply eat a bit healthier and make sure to get moving now and then. But, researchers have just realized something else you can add to your next low-key health kick to improve your eye health: cocoa.

In June, researchers published a new study in The Journal of Functional Foods that detailed how cocoa can actually improve photopic visual acuity, or in layman’s terms, your daytime vision. Researchers tested 37 young adult men and women’s eyesight after drinking cocoa, a red-berry drink, and milk as a control.

It turns out the cocoa had the only statistically significant effect. While more research needs to be done, the scientists predict that the polyphenols, flavonols, and theobromine may have been the trigger for the increased visual acuity.

Heritage for the Blind, an organization dedicated to eye health and vision preservation, shared the news on Twitter:

For so long, carrots have been advertised for their ability to improve eyesight. But, if you ask most people, they’d much rather have a nice cup of hot cocoa before chewing on carrots if they need a little boost in the eye department.

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