YouTube Star Goes Too Far, Facing Up to 10 Years in Prison

( – A stunt intended to boost views and engagement on YouTube may cost a “content creator” 10 years of his life.

Suk Min Choi, who is better known as the influencer “Alex Choi,” is facing a possible 10-year prison sentence on charges of “causing the placement of an explosive or incendiary device on an aircraft.” The charge is related to a stunt where Choi coordinates a scene where fireworks are fired from a helicopter into a Lamborghini luxury sports car.

Besides the initial charge, authorities say that Choi, who lives in the San Fernando Valley area in the greater Los Angeles area, purchased fireworks illegal in California in Nevada, and filmed the stunt in the El Mirage Dry Lakebed, which is located in California’s San Bernardino County. He also allegedly failed to secure the proper permit for the shoot. Officials also say that Choi repeatedly implicated himself by making multiple references to his person during the duration of the video, from coordinating and directing the production, and the procurement of fireworks – Choi is reportedly seen in one part of the video holding up an illegal firework.

The stunt, which was filmed last year, was uploaded with the title “Destroying a Lamborghini With Fireworks,” to Choi’s YouTube channel on July 4, 2023. The video has since been removed from the video-sharing service. The content creator has more than a million followers on Instagram, and his bio on YouTube describes him as being an author of the “greatest car shenanigans.” Some of his videos also show him seemingly go well past speed limits in what looks to be residential neighborhoods.

The video, which lasts for 10 minutes and 45 seconds, shows the entirety of the production process, with Choi narrating the behind-the-scenes shots of production, which culminates in a scene where two women on a helicopter press a “fire missiles” button on the aircraft, which then triggers the launch of the fireworks at the speeding sports car.

Choi has appeared before a judge and is currently out on a $50,000 bail bond. He will be arraigned on July 2.

As of press time, Choi and his management company, Underscore Talent, have not issued any comment or statement on the matter.

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