US Marine Arrested After Making Shocking Threats

( – A former member of the United States Marine Corps was arrested recently after authorities discovered that he was repeatedly posting threats online promising to murder “white people.”

Posting in TikTok under the name “1dayUSuffer,” 23-year-old Joshua Cobb said that he was looking forward to “probably OD on my own adrenaline” after killing his third victim, according to records of Cobb’s unhinged and violent online rants included in a statement on his arrest released by the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

According to U.S. Attorney Philip R. Sellinger, Cobb began his violent rants online in late 2022, where the suspect said that he intended to conduct “mayhem” against the “white community,” reasoning that they “will NEVER understand my struggles.” In addition, Cobb wrote that he wanted to “erase” white people and said that he was “officially planning” future attacks. Cobb also indicated then that he was targeting New Jersey, and said that he would strike sometime in 2023 at “an important holiday to their race.” He also said that he had already procured two of the four firearms he said he needed to conduct his attack.

A few months later, in 2023, Cobb wrote again, saying that he was anticipating feeling the “rush” of conducting a mass shooting. He also stressed that he was “100%” committed to carrying out the attack, but he was currently “training” and accumulating more ammunition. Cobb also said that he “hoped” he would “progress” into becoming a serial killer and make “everyone suffer.”

“I promise I will make everyone feel my ******* pain,” Cobb’s post read.

Phone records and messages seized by authorities from Cobb also unearthed even more of his homicidal thoughts, where he bemoaned his lack of funds to purchase more firearms and ammunition for what he promised would be a “rampage.” Investigators also found notes on Cobbs phone on how to smuggle firearms into New Jersey.

Cobb became a member of the Marines in 2023 and began basic training in June of that same year until he was discharged after being stationed in California.

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