UAW President Under Investigation by Federal Watchdog

( – Shawn Fain, the president of the United Auto Workers (UAW) union, is under investigation by a court-appointed watchdog that is looking into allegations of corruption and other improprieties in the organization.

Neil Barofsky, the court-appointed monitor, is also investigating other senior UAW officers in light of the results of a wider federal anti-corruption probe of the union in 2020. As part of the union’s reform agreement with the U.S. attorney’s office, the organization became subject to oversight by an independent monitor. The UAW also changed the process behind its selection of officials as part of its deal with the government.

However, Barofsky’s most recent report to Judge David M. Lawson— his ninth—the monitor said that the union committed a “recent lapse” its cooperation with him, especially when he began to look into the said officials that are under investigation.

While the UAW stood at the forefront of the worker protests against the U.S.’ big three automakers last year, the situation behind the scenes is apparently less than ideal. The union’s leadership has fragmented over a conflict between Fain and the organization’s secretary-treasurer, Margaret Mock.

While Fain eventually managed to secure deals with American automakers Ford, General Motors, and Stellantis that mark some of the biggest strides forward for auto workers in the country in recent years, Mock raised concerns to the UAW board members regarding the cost of the walkouts on the union’s budget.

Mock was recently stripped of a number of duties following accusations that she engaged in suspicious activities in the course of her financial oversight of the union. Mock, on the other hand, has denied allegations of misconduct or wrongdoing. In fact, Mock has pointed the finger at Fain and other officials allied with the UAW president, saying that she is being targeted for her “refusal or reluctance” to approve certain spending measures that supposedly work towards the benefit of Fain and other officials.

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