Two US Border Patrol Agents Die Mysteriously

( – An agent of the U.S. Border Patrol is the latest American to have died under mysterious circumstances while vacationing in Colombia, with a fellow agent who was with him during the trip committing suicide when he got back into the U.S.

Jaime Eduardo Cisneros, 54 years old, was found dead in a hotel room in Medellin, after what authorities said was an alleged tryst with a local woman whom police said was a prostitute. Local media outlets reported that the woman was apparently the last person to have seen Cisneros alive, and was seen exiting his hotel room and waving goodbye.

Local authorities say that Cisneros’ suitcase and other belongings were rifled through, and his wallet was empty. Also missing was his phone and a number of other valuables.

A colleague of Cisneros who accompanied him during the vacation, Alexander Ahmed, returned to the States but killed himself shortly after. The two men took a vacation in Medellin in May; Ahmed’s remains were found in El Paso on June 4.

Both Cisneros and Ahmed were stationed at the same station along the Texas section of the U.S. – Mexico border.

The FBI is reportedly looking into the incidents, which are the latest of a number of deaths of Americans who have visited Colombia in recent months. According to officials from Colombia, there have been a number of Americans included in the 28 tourists who have met a grisly end in Medellin in this year alone.

Early in the year, eight American men were reportedly lured to Colombia through a dating app, where they were then set upon by criminals and killed. Law enforcement says that criminals’ modus operandi is to use attractive Colombian women to lure victims to Medellin, where the victims would then be robbed, either through the use of sedatives of through violent means.

In December last year, American comedian Tou Ger Xiong, who is from Minnesota, was also found dead at the bottom of a ravine after reportedly trysting with a local woman from Medellin.

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