Tucker Carlson Says Trump’s Life Is in Danger

(RepublicanDaily.org) – Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson has speculated that there is a strong possibility that an assassination attempt will be made against former president Donald Trump, given his front-runner status in the polls.

Calling the situation “dynamic”, Carlson said that Trump’s political enemies will not be pulling any stops in their attempt to prevent another four years of a Trump presidency.

Carlson, who interviewed Trump live on Twitter at the same time as the airing of the first Republican presidential primary debate, said that anti-Trumpers began with protests. They then escalated their attempts to include impeachment, and then moved on to indictment. “What could possibly be next?” Carlson asked.

“Of course, it’s assassination,” the former Fox News host said, answering his own question. Carlson claims that the worst-case scenario for those of the American “professional class” was for Trump to be re-elected to the White House. However, he said, addressing anti-Trumpers, “everything you have tried has failed.” Given the limited number of “arrows” in their quiver, Carlson said that all that was left for liberals to do would be to have Trump killed.

Carlson, who has gone on to co-found the Daily Caller news outlet, as well as the Tucker Carlson Network following his departure from Fox News, said that a Trump assassination attempt was a perfectly reasonable conclusion to make. He claims that assassinations in the U.S. happen “far more often than we’re willing to admit.”

This is not the first time Tucker has claimed that there are people out to take Trump’s life. During his exclusive Twitter interview with the former chief executive, Carlson asked Trump directly if the latter was worried that there were people out to kill him.

“They’re savage animals,” Trump said in response, adding, “They’re people that are sick.”

Carlson repeated the claim during a guesting on conservative commentator and comedian Adam Carolla’s podcast, saying that “we’re speeding toward [Trump’s] assassination.”

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