Trump Wants United Auto Workers President Gone

( – Former President Donald Trump has turned his sights on the president of the United Auto Workers Union (UAW) following the latter’s endorsement of President Joe Biden.

“Get rid of this dope,” the former president said of UAW President Shawn Fain, whom he also called a “weapon of mass destruction” for auto workers. Trump unleashed a lengthy rant against Fain in a post on Truth Social, the Twitter / X-like social media platform he owns.

In the post, the former president accused Fain – whom he also called a “STIFF” – of selling out the auto industry and its workers to China and buying into President Biden’s supposed failed “vision” of filling America with electric cars. Trump also claimed that a push for more electric vehicles would cost auto workers their jobs, especially, as he claims that the manufacture of these vehicles would be done in China. The former chief executive also blasted what he claimed were tariff-free imports into the U.S. of electric vehicles made in Mexico.

Trump was reacting to an interview on CBS News where Fain told the news outlet that Biden had a “a history of serving others” as well as fighting and standing with the working class. In comparison, Fain said, Trump’s only history was one of “serving himself and standing for the billionaire class.”

Fain has also responded to Trump’s tirade against him, pointing out Trump’s attempt to woo auto workers last year by holding a rally at a non-union auto factory in Michigan. President Biden, on the other hand, joined workers on the picket line as the protested and called for better pay and benefits from auto companies.

The UAW president called Trump’s behavior a “rope-a-dope.”

“He wants you to look over here while over here, he’s taking everything away,” Fain said, a classic tactic of the “billionaire class and the corporate class” that he said Trump represents and ultimately works for.

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