Trump Makes a Surprise Stop at Chick-fil-A

( – A video showing a positive interaction between former president Donald Trump and a black woman has gone viral following a surprise stop by the former chief executive at a Chick-Fil-A branch in Atlanta, Georgia.

“I don’t care what the media tells you, Mr. Trump, we support you!,” the woman is seen in the video as saying. The video, which was posted on Twitter / X by the Trump campaign’s deputy director of communications, Margo Martin, also shows the woman excitedly giving the former president a hug.

Trump also bought meals for the people in the fast food restaurant, buying several orders of the chain’s famous fried chicken sandwiches as well as 30 milkshakes. He also called the chain a “great American franchise” and described the food as “the Lord’s chicken.”

The former commander-in-chief was in town as part of several fundraising events, which will be held in Atlanta, with another scheduled in Orlando, Florida. Trump’s campaign says that it expects to raise as much as $15 million from the events. The former president recently broke fundraising records after collecting $50.5 million in a single night at a fundraiser hosted by hedge-fund billionaire John Paulson.

While Trump has a slight lead in the polls over Biden, the latter has outpaced his predecessor in terms of total campaign funds raised. A New York Times report puts the Biden-Harris campaign’s total war chest for the elections at $192 million, significantly more than the roughly $93 million Trump’s campaign has to its name.

Still, Trump is trying to win over more voters, as his visit to Atlanta suggests. Trump’s campaign is banking on the growing discontent with the Biden administration’s policies, which some perceive to be extremely more pro-migrant, with related initiatives launched at the expense of the welfare of communities often thought of to be staunchly Democrat, such as black voters.

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