Trump Holds Private Meeting With Ron DeSantis

( – Former rivals Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and former president and presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump may be well on the way to burying the hatchet after the two reportedly held a discreet meeting in Hollywood, Florida, recently.

Multiple sources have confirmed that the two, who formerly clashed for the Republican presidential nomination, talked for several hours. The primary focus of the meeting were plans for DeSantis to lend a hand to Trump’s fundraising efforts in an attempt to bring the latter’s election war chest closer to the funds raised by Democrats for their own presidential nominee, President Joe Biden.

The meeting marks the first time the two top personalities in the Republican Party have met since DeSantis conceded his ill-fated stab at securing the GOP’s presidential nomination. Sources say that Steve Witkoff, a real-estate investor and a top Republican donor, arranged to bring Trump and DeSantis together. The meeting was held at the Shell Bay, an exclusive luxury golf club owned by Witkoff.

During the campaign for the primaries, DeSantis committed to supporting whoever the GOP would nominate for its official presidential candidate, and after conceding defeat at the beginning of the year, endorsed Trump for the Republican presidential nomination. However, much love has been lost between the two, in no small part due to Trump’s penchant of belittling and mocking opponents. During the primary campaigns, Trump often referred to DeSantis – who for a long while was considered his strongest rival within the GOP – as “Ron DeSanctimonious.

Still, the two now share a common cause – preventing Biden from securing a second term in the White House. Even more than Trump, DeSantis has often stood at odds with the Democrat-run federal government, recently blasting Title IX women’s rights law amendments imposed by the Biden administration that would offer specific protections for transgender students.

Florida “will not comply, and we will fight back,” DeSantis said of the White House’s Title IX changes.

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