Trump Heads West for First Rallies Since Guilty Verdict

( – Former president Donald Trump has continued his attempts to woo voters in swing states, visiting Nevada and Arizona following his conviction in his “hush money” case in Manhattan.

While the guilty verdict has created yet another legal headache for the former commander-in-chief, it has also been a boon in other ways. The aftermath of the conviction saw Trump’s campaign raise more than $70 million in 48 hours after news broke of his being found guilty.

Trump was found guilty for all 34 charges related to his supposed pay off of former adult film actress Stormy Daniels. The former president allegedly had an affair with Daniels, which he tried to conceal by paying her $130,000 – what prosecutors say was the “hush money” – out of his campaign war chest during the 2016 presidential elections. Trump purportedly was concerned that Daniels going public about their alleged relationship would hurt his chances of winning the election that year. The former president, however, has denied even knowing Daniels at all, much less having any sort of relations with her or paying her to keep quiet about it.

The former chief executive’s decision to campaign in Arizona and Las Vegas comes on the heels of a poll that has him edging out president Joe Biden in six swing states and tying him in a seventh.

The Cook Political Report shows Trump beating out Biden in Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Michigan, and North Carolina. The two men, who first clashed over the presidency in 2020, are tied in Wisconsin. The survey released predictions that consider a head-to-head clash as well as a race including third-party candidates such as Independent Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

The survey indicated that many voters blame Biden for the high inflation, contrasting it with the much lower cost of living seen during Trump’s tenure, which was caused in a large part by the pandemic.

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