Trump Fumes After Michael Cohen Testimony

( – “We have a corrupt judge, and we have a judge who’s highly conflicted,” fumed an angry Donald Trump as he faced reporters after the testimony of his former attorney and troubleshooter Michael Cohen in the former’s “hush money” trial in Manhattan.

Along with Stormy Daniels, Cohen and his testimony were the keystones in the prosecution’s case against the former president. Trump is under trial for allegedly funneling $130,000 from his campaign funds in 2016 to pay off Daniels, who has claimed that the two had an affair. While he has consistently denied both knowing the ex-adult film actress as well as having any sort of relationship with her, the former chief executive paid for her silence as he believed that any news about the two of them would be damaging to his eventually successful 2016 presidential run.

Prosecutors allege that as Trump’s legal counsel and fixer at the time, his transactions with Daniels – along with the hush money payment – was facilitated by Cohen.

In his testimony, Cohen said that he was attempting to realign his “moral compass,” which he claimed became skewed from his years of working for Trump. He has pled guilty to committing campaign finance crimes and several other federal crimes, including a charge of lying before Congress.

Trump is currently under a gag order on the case imposed by the presiding magistrate, Judge Juan Merchan. Under the order, the former commander-in-chief may not make public statements against the personalities involved in the case, which includes witnesses and members of the jury. The only exceptions to the rule are Merchan and the Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, whose names Trump has gleefully dragged through the mud recently. In a massive campaign rally in New Jersey, the former president led supporters in chanting “Fat Alvin, Fat Alvin” as he mocked the Manhattan DA and criticized the lawsuits against him as fraudulent and a form of political harassment.

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