Trump Criticizes Marjorie Taylor Greene

( – Following the bipartisan rejection of Republican Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene’s motion to have Republican Louisiana Representative and House Speaker Mike Johnson removed from his position, the outspoken conservative lawmaker has also been rebuked by former president Donald Trump for her actions.

In a post on Truth Social, the former president said that while he “absolutely loves” Green, her decision to kick off proceedings aimed at removing Johnson as Speaker, was premature.

“She’s got Spirit, she’s got Fight,” Trump wrote of the Georgia congresswoman.

However, “This is not the time,” Trump said regarding Greene’s latest gimmick. While he acknowledged that there may come a point where Johnson – whom he described as a “a good man who is trying very hard” – has to be removed and replaced as House Speaker, the more important issue at hand was that Republicans unite in “fighting the Radical Left Democrats.” He also stressed that “DISUNITY… will be portrayed as CHAOS,” and called on House Republicans to table the motion to vacate against Johnson.

Most of the GOP membership in the Lower House heeded the former chief executive’s call-to-action, with 196 House Republicans joining 163 Democrats in Congress in voting to table the motion. The final count stood at 359 to 43 in favor of setting aside the motion to vacate. Only 11 House GOP members – including Greene and another colleague who supported her motion, Republican Kentucky Representative Thomas Massie – opposed tabling the measure. Among the Democrats, only 32 were against setting aside Greene’s motion.

Greene also earned the ire of several of her Republican colleagues in the House, with her speech on the House Floor met with boos and jeers from other members of the GOP in attendance.

Following the vote, Republican New York Representative Mike Lawler called on GOP leadership to issue a censure of punishment of some sort against Greene. Florida Representative Carlos Giménez, on the other hand, chalked Greene’s current actions to her attention-seeking tendencies. However, he also disowned the Georgia congresswoman’s behavior, saying, “I’m tired of this [Greene’s antics] being the face or the voice of the party.”

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