Trump Campaign Refuses Financial Help From the RNC

( – Former president Donald Trump’s campaign is turning up its nose at any sort of financial help from the Republican National Convention (RNC) to cover the former chief executive’s mounting legal bills, Fox News reported recently.

The statement comes on the heels of the RNC’s rejection of a motion from one of its members seeking to ban the party from forking out a penny to help Trump cover the ever-expanding legal costs associated with the multiple lawsuits and indictments against him.

“Hard no. Absolutely not. Asked and answered,” a spokesperson for the Trump campaign said of receiving any sort of financial aid from the RNC to help address the former president’s legal bills.

The motion to restrict the RNC from covering any of Trump’s legal expenses was filed by Henry Barbour, who serves as the RNC’s national committeeman for its Mississippi chapter. Barbour also confirmed that the resolution was officially “dead” after he managed to secure co-sponsorships for only 8 states. The number of state co-sponsorships required for a motion to be put to a vote is 10. If it had passed muster, the motion would have been part of the agenda in the RNC’s next meeting where members are expected to elect a new chairperson.

The incumbent chairperson, Ronna McDaniel, previously announced that she would be resigning from the position, effective March 8. Michael Whatley, who serves as general counsel for the RNC and chairperson for its North Carolina chapter, is expected to assume the post. Trump, who is now essentially the Republican presidential nominee, has also indicated that he prefers Whatley to assume the post McDaniel will vacate.

Trump also endorsed his daughter-in-law, Lara Trump, to serve as the RNC’s co-chair. Lara echoed the sentiments of the Trump campaign, pledging that the full resources of the GOP convention would be used to secure Trump’s victory in November rather than be redirected to pay for his legal bills.

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