Trump Calls Resigning GOP Lawmakers Cowards

( – Former president Donald Trump has gone on a tirade again on social media, this time against fellow Republicans who have chosen to leave their seats in Congress, calling them “cowards and weaklings.”

Such a disgrace!” the former commander-in-chief posted on his self-owned social media platform, Truth Social, in response to a news article regarding the announcement of Republican Wisconsin Representative Mike Gallagher that he would be vacating his seat in Congress in mid-April this year.

“Never forget our cowards and weaklings!” Trump also said in the post.

Gallagher, who has served four terms in Congress, previously announced that he will not be seeking re-election, only recently disclosing that he will not even be finishing his term in the House. The Wisconsin representative’s announcement came on the heels of the House finally passing the final fiscal funding bill for 2024, which was marked by tense and sometimes even hostile back and forth with Democratic lawmakers. The drama extended to within the GOP ranks in the House, highlighted by a motion from Republican Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor-Greene to kick off Republican Louisiana Representative Mike Johnson from his speakership seat.

Gallagher’s impending departure, along with an earlier similar move from former Republican Colorado representative Ken Buck, will put the GOP’s already razor-thin margin in Congress in even direr straits, with the remaining Republicans holding only 217 seats against the Democrats’ 213. The situation is so critical for the GOP that there is even some speculation that the exodus of Republican lawmakers, along with in-party dissatisfaction with Speaker Johnson could see Democratic New York Representative and House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries take the speaker’s seat.

Gallagher’s departure however, has fellow Republicans fuming for an additional reason – the congressman seemingly intentionally resigned at a time that, under Wisconsin law, would not necessitate a special election to replace him. That means that his seat will remain vacant until January. True to form, Georgia Rep. Greene has put out a motion for Gallagher to be expelled from Congress, but the movement has not gained much traction.

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