Trump Blames Biden for Two Cops Getting Shot

( – Former president Donald Trump has continued a relentless attack on president Joe Biden on the issue of immigration, laying at his rival’s feet another crime perpetrated by an illegal immigrant.

In a post on his self-owned social media platform Truth Social, Trump accused Biden of having “trafficked in the worst people from around the world” and allowing these individuals to run around in communities across America. The former president related the story of two officers from the New York Police Department who were shot by a “Monster Illegal Immigrant [sic].”

Trump was referring to a recent incident in Queens, where two officers were shot by a suspect whom they accosted for allegedly plying a one-way street the wrong way. The suspect, who was on a moped at the time, alighted the vehicle and attempted to flee on foot, but not before shooting at the officers. The officers returned fire and managed to hit the suspect in the leg, which allowed them to arrest him.

The suspect was identified as 19-year-old Bernardo Raul Castro Mata, an undocumented migrant from Venezuela. Police also believe Mata to be involved in a string of robberies in Queens, using his moped as a getaway vehicle. Police say that the modus operandi of using small electric mobility devices such as scooters and mopeds as getaway vehicles for petty crimes such as mobile phone snatching are on the rise in the city.

The officers involved in the shooting were Officer Christopher Abreu and Officer Richard Yarusso. Both are 26 years old.

The two officers are expected to pull through, with the suspect’s bullets only hitting their protective vests. Mata is also expected to survive.

While Mata was caught crossing into the U.S illegally through Eagle Pass in Texas in July 2023, U.S. Border Patrol released Mata “on his own recognizance” and directed him to report to the nearest enforcement and removal operations office. New York’s ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations office also confirmed that Mata appeared before a Department of Justice immigration judge, who dismissed removal proceedings against him.

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