Travis Scott Arrested in Miami

( – Rapper Travis Scott was arrested in Miami on charges of trespassing and drunken and disorderly conduct over a supposed conflict with passengers of a yacht.

Police responded to an incident in the Miami marina where they found the 33-year-old rapper shouting obscenities at people on board a yacht. Officers also noted that Scott – whose real name is Jacques Bermon Webster – smelled of alcohol.

According to authorities, Scott initially complied with requests for him to sit down, but then stood up and appeared to leave the area, still swearing at the people on the boat all the while. However, he returned just after roughly five minutes, attempting to walk back to the yacht, and still shouting obscenities. A sergeant who spoke to Scott earlier talked to him again, and said that the rapper was “becoming erratic” and was creating a public disturbance.

Despite warnings from officers, Scott persisted in his behavior, and was arrested and booked at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center. His bail was set at a total of $650 for the two charges.

The complainant, ostensibly one of the passengers of the yacht, said that he had no desire to press charges against the rapper, and only wanted him off the vessel.

Scott admitted to police that he had been drinking, reasoning, “It’s Miami.”

A lawyer for Scott, one Bradford Cohen, said that the arrest was just over a “misunderstanding.” Cohen also stressed that there was absolutely no physical altercation involved in the incident.

The rapper also apparently made his arrest something to profit from, releasing a t-shirt just days after his ordeal. The shirt features his mugshot with the caption, “It’s Miami.” Scott, whose occasional collaborations with athletic wear brand Nike sell out within seconds of their release – with scalpers re-selling the merchandise for insane profits – was selling the shirts on his website for $35 each. As of press time, the shirt also seems to be no longer available.

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