Tom Cotton Wants Action on Anti-Israel Protestors

( – Republican Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton has had it with pro-Palestinian protesters.

The Arkansas senator has called on the public to “take matters into your own hands” and confront pro-Palestinian protesters who have taken their protest actions to severely disruptive levels.

“Get them out of the way,” Cotton said in a tweet, following the massive morning commute chaos in several major cities in California, Illinois, and New York, which were caused by large pro-Palestinian protest actions. Tens of thousands of commuters across the country were stuck in traffic, especially in the areas of Oakland and San Francisco in California, where protesters chained themselves to their cars or 55-gallon barrels filled with concrete. Authorities had to close several roads due to the situation, including the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. It took almost half a day before officials were able to open the bridge back up to regular traffic.

“This is a revolting display of moral equivalence,” Cotton said of the protest actions.

The Arkansas senator showed a clip – one that looked to be from outside of the U.S. – showing a group of men dragging protesters in orange vests away from a road they were blocking.

“[That’s] how it should be done,” Cotton tweeted.

Disruptive civil protests have become more commonplace in Europe and the U.K., a practice that was ostensibly made more popular by climate change activists.

Cotton’s remarks have drawn flak from left-leaning commentators, who have said that the comments could be construed by others as a license to commit violent acts against peaceful protesters.

Despite criticism, the Arkansas senator has stood by his remarks, but clarified that he was not advocating for people to get violent against pro-Palestinian protesters. However, Cotton said that other people have the right to go about their own business as well.

“I’m saying that if people are trying to get to work or pick up their kids from school or take a sick kid to the doctor,” and pro-Palestinian protesters are causing traffic jams, regular folks “should get out and move those people off the streets,” Cotton said.

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