Tiffany Henyard Subpoenaed, Under Investigation by FBI

( – Tiffany Henyard, the self-proclaimed “super mayor” of Dolton, Illinois, may not be so “super” after all after FBI agents issued two subpoenas against Henyard over claims that she used public funds to finance a lavish lifestyle and a number of other alleged instances where she misused her authority.

The FBI has launched a criminal investigation into Henyard, who is required to fork over all records pertaining to her two businesses – a property management company and a restaurant. Authorities have also ordered Henyard to submit documents pertaining to a charity that carries her name, and records of her political fund. Documents covered in the subpoena include tax statements, records of checks written to “cash,” personnel files, contracts, and work records.

In addition, the FBI has also ordered Henyard to produce records for the Township of Thornton, Illinois, where she serves as supervisor. The records the FBI needs include financial statements, records of ordinances on credit card expenses and payroll, budget reports, security details, and reimbursements for official expenses.

Other required documents include various financial records for Keith Freeman, Henyard’s right-hand man, as well as for the Dolton mayor’s boyfriend, who happens to be in charge of Thorton Township’s youth violence prevention program. Freeman has also been recently charged with bankruptcy fraud.

In the past, Henyard was the subject of a news report that showed her misusing her authority to secure an unnecessary police detail for herself, and in the process, pointlessly redirecting much-needed resources from the local police department. She has also been accused of using public funds to finance luxury trips, and even to “donate” to her “Tiffany Cares” cancer charity.

Dolton trustee Tammie Brown said that a number of city employees have been waiting for authorities to investigate Henyard’s supposedly shady activities. Brown also noted that all the employees named in the FBI’s subpoena reportedly belong to Henyard’s inner circle and are fiercely loyal to the mayor.

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