The Man Who Beat Joe Biden Credits AI for His Victory

( – President Joe Biden has lost his first caucus in this year’s Democratic primary – in American Samoa.

Biden lost to a completely unknown candidate named Jason Palmer, who now has three delegates to his name for Democratic presidential nomination. People who live in American territories are allowed to vote during the primaries, but are not counted in the electoral college.

Palmer, a venture capitalist, credits his innovative use of artificial intelligence in his successful campaign against the president in the small island territory, and boasts that he only spent $5,000 to campaign in the island itself. The rest – Palmer reports forking out roughly $500,000 of his own money to fund his presidential run – went to the development of the AI programs he used.

CNN reports Palmer as saying that he had three full-time staffers in American Samoa, but he himself – a Maryland native – has never set foot in the island itself. Instead, Palmer utilized online technologies, such as holding virtual town halls, and using interactive AI models to answer voters’ questions on his plans and policies using his own face and voice. He also answered questions through text messages and emails. It helped that the tiny American territory only has less than 100 registered voters.

According to the businessman, he said that he still managed to make his presence felt “because I did these virtual meetings, and I engaged with them using AI.”

Speaking to USA Today, many voters said that Palmer’s virtual campaigning made a big difference, making him more visible and accessible to them, as opposed to Biden, whom many just know by name as the current U.S. president.

The president was last in American Samoa in 2016, when he was still vice-president during the Obama administration. On top of that, the visit lasted for only 90 minutes, as the plane Biden happened to be on was just doing a refueling run on the island.

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