Tesla Cancels Order, Resulting in Bakery Losing Thousands of Dollars

(RepublicanDaily.org) – Auto company Tesla reportedly left a local bakery in San Jose hanging, potentially costing the small business thousands of dollars in losses after abruptly cancelling a large order at the last minute.

Bakery and pastry shop The Giving Pies was approached by a representative from Tesla who asked about ordering thousands of mini pies for a Valentine’s Day event. The shop’s owner, Voahangy Rasetarinera, said that she provided a quote for 2000 mini pies and anticipated a “smooth transaction.”

Rasetarinera, who recounted the incident on a post on the Facebook page for the bakery, said that she began to grow “concerned” after payment was redirected to one of Tesla’s vendors named “City Flavor” and did not materialize at the agreed-upon date. However, the representative from Tesla, whom Rasetarinera named as “Laura,” called and apologized for the delayed payment, saying that the vendor was “new”. Laura then doubled the order to 4000 mini pies, giving assurances that the shop would receive payment for the new, bigger order. She was then “left reeling” after receiving a casual text from Laura later – after a call asking for payment was left unanswered – saying that Tesla had a change of plans and the order was no longer needed.

Rasetarinera said that she had not only fulfilled the order, buying the necessary supplies and ingredients for it, including asking staff to take on the large order, but had needed to decline other orders so she and her shop could deliver as promised. Rasetarinera said that her feeling of betrayal was “compounded” after a “heartfelt” message she sent expressing her disappointment and the profound financial impact the incident had on her small business was responded to by the Tesla employee attempting to shift the blame to upper management.

However, upon hearing of the incident, the local community banded together to support the small business, with lines outside at times stretching around the block.

Rasetarinera has been thankful of the development, saying that the support they have been receiving since the Tesla incident was unexpected and “crazy.”

Tesla CEO Elon Musk also reportedly paid for the pies after promising that he would do right by the company after learning of the incident through social media.

“Will make things good with the bakery,” the Tesla chief executive posted on Twitter / X.

“People should always be able to count on Tesla trying its best,” he added.

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