St. John’s University VP Retires

( – St. John’s University Vice President Joseph Sciame has retired after serving the university for more than six decades.

The 82-year-old Sciame has been a fixture at the New York university, and is affectionately known as “the face” of St. John’s University. He began his relationship with the school when he stepped into its halls way back in 1958, and eventually became part of the university’s administration in 1962. His most notable role was vice president for Financial Aid, where he was known to help students come up with a financial plan for their college education that would prevent students from accumulating massive debt from their student loans. His last role was vice president for St. John’s Office of Community Relations.

Sciame is also a U.S. Army veteran, and has served as chairman of the advisory board of the Italian Cultural Center.

I hope it’s been a life well lived,” and “It’s been 61 years of enjoyment,” Sciame said of his tenure at St. Johns.

In an interview included in a press release announcing his retirement, Sciame said that his most satisfying experience working for St. Johns was creating healthy and productive relationships with students and colleagues, as well as creating strong bonds with members of the community. Sciame was known to mentor many students and gave them advice on how to advance their careers. Many of these students ended up working for St. Johns as well, citing Sciame as their inspiration.

Brian Browne, who serves as spokesperson for St. Johns, was one of those people, saying that “if there were a Mount Rushmore-like memorial” that featured the great leaders in the university, Sciame would be part of it.

Another person Sciame mentored was Robert Brennan, who is a bishop and oversees the Brooklyn-Queens Diocese. He credits Sciame for helping him afford a college education and cited him as “very important person” during his time in St. Johns.

“He recently attended my mother’s wake. That’s the type of person he is.” Brennan said of Sciame.

St. Johns University is largest Catholic university in New York and the second-largest Catholic institution for tertiary education in the country.

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