Speaker Johnson Furious Over Rumors Regarding Warrants for Israeli Leaders

(RepublicanDaily.org) – The International Criminal Court (ICC) has broached the possibility of issuing arrest warrants for officials of the Israeli government over alleged human rights abuses in its armed foray into Gaza – a prospect that has angered Republicans, chief among them Louisiana Representative and Speaker of the House Mike Johnson.

The warrants would reportedly see Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrested, along with several other senior officials of the Jewish state, which reportedly include Yoav Gallant, the country’s minister of defense, and Lt. Gen. Herzi Halevi, who serves as chief of staff of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

The ICC is reportedly accusing Israel of executing an “excessively harsh response” against Hamas over the group’s surprise attack that saw more than 1,200 people killed, including women and children. In addition, the ICC wants to hold Israeli leaders accountable for supposedly “preventing” humanitarian aid from reaching civilians in Gaza.

In a statement, Johnson blasted the ICC for what he called its “disgraceful” and “unlawful” conduct, calling on the court to instead prosecute Hamas and other terrorist organizations affiliated with Iran “for engaging in horrific war crimes.”

Johnson also said that the ICC’s acts threaten the sovereignty of the U.S. and its security interests, and called on President Joe Biden to step in and intervene in the matter.

Other House Republicans had equally harsh words for the ICC, with New York Representative Elise Stefanik accusing the organization of “propping up Hamas” and persecuting the “the only democracy in the Middle East” for defending itself.

Another Republican congressman, New York Representative Anthony D’Esposito, called the ICC’s plan “outrageous,” and echoed Johnson’s sentiments that the international organization sets its sights on atrocities committed by Hamas and other terror groups instead.

Republican Florida Senator Rick Scott said that the ICC was making a “disgusting choice” and was capitulating to a “radical anti-Israel movement.”

For its part, the Biden administration said that “the ICC has no jurisdiction in this situation,” according to a spokesperson for the White House. “We [the Biden administration] do not support its [ICC’s] investigation.”

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