Spain Fires Back After Milei Insults Prime Minister’s Wife

( – Diplomatic relations between Spain and Argentina have hit a new low following Spain’s announcement that it would be permanently recalling its ambassador in Argentina in response to Argentina’s President Javier Milei insulting the wife of Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez.

Speaking at a far-right rally in Madrid organized by Spain’s ultra-conservative Vox party, Milei called Sanchez’s wife Begona Gomez, “corrupt.” The comment was ostensibly a reference to an investigation into Gomez for alleged influence peddling and corrupt business practices following a complaint filed by Spanish anti-corruption activist group Manos Limpias, or Clean Hands.

Milei was in the country promoting his book and hobnobbing with members of the Vox party. The Argentinian president also broke diplomatic protocol by completely snubbing customary meetings with Spain’s King Felipe and Prime Minister Sanchez. In his speech, Milei also called socialism as “cursed and carcinogenic” – Sanchez is the current head of Spain’s Socialist party.

To add insult to injury, Milei’s comments and behavior came despite the Spanish government allowing the Argentinian president’s plane to land at a military airport, and issuance of a 48-hour special security detail for him.

Jose Manuel Albares, Spain’s Foreign Minister, said that Milei should apologize for his statements and accused him of delivering a serious blow to the diplomatic relationship of Spain and Argentina.

Josep Borrell, the chief of the European Union’s foreign policy arm, also condemned the Milei’s comments, saying that there is “no place in our culture” that makes “attacks against family members of political leaders” acceptable.

Milei, however, has refused to apologize. He has even been backed by Spain’s conservative People’s Party (PP), the main opposition party in the country. PP members have instead slammed Sanchez for failing to provide and explanation regarding the allegations surrounding his wife.

That Sanchez is choosing to stay mum on the issue “generates internal doubts, but also distrust abroad,” a PP member said.

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