Ronald Reagan’s Daughter Speaks Up

( – Given the relatively old ages of President Joe Biden and former president Donald Trump, who are likely poised to face each other again in the upcoming presidential elections later this year, Patti Davis, the daughter of the late and former president Ronald Reagan has weighed in on the age issue, saying that administering cognitive tests for presidential candidates would be a “good idea.”

Davis’ comments were in response to a question from NBC host Kristen Welker, who remarked that if Biden won, he would enter his second term in his 80’s while Trump was not far behind, being just three years younger than the president. Trump broke Reagan’s record of being the oldest American president sworn into office at 69 years old when he became president at 70 years old. After the 2020 election, Biden in turn beat Trump’s record, assuming office at the age of 78.

“It would probably be a good idea,” Davis said of the prospect of administering a cognitive test for presidential candidates. “We know about what age can do,” she added.

Davis also said that when Reagan left office after serving two terms in office, her father was 77 years old.

“It seems so young now, doesn’t it?” she said.

In the NBC interview, Davis said that she believes her father would be “so appalled” by the current state of American politics. “He didn’t understand lack of civility… he didn’t understand cruelty and that’s what we’re dealing with now,” she said.

Still, Davis said that she understands where many Americans are coming from, saying that many are afraid regarding the current state of things, such as mass shootings in public places like schools and places of worship.

“We’re scared, and fear morphs into anger,” she said.

A recent poll by NBC puts Biden’s age as a top concern among American voters, while Trump’s legal woes, rather than his age, were a bigger issue for voters.

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