RFK Jr. Slammed by Democratic Political Commentator

(RepublicanDaily.org) – After Robert Kennedy Jr. announced that he has collected a sufficient number of signatures to qualify him for inclusion in the presidential ballot in New Hampshire for the general election on November, a number of Democrats have expressed concern that he could serve as a legitimate threat to President Joe Biden’s prospects for a second term.

Some Democrats are blasting RFK Jr. for what they call an attempt to muddy the waters and pull essential votes away from Biden in what is expected to be another hotly contested rematch with former president Donald Trump. RFK Jr., who entered the race for the presidency initially as a challenger to Biden under the Democratic Party, is now running as an independent and is working state-by-state to have his name included among the presidential contenders in these states’ respective ballots. Not too long ago, he announced he qualified for inclusion in Utah’s ballot for the general election.

Michael Starr Hopkins, a commentator for the liberals, called RFK Jr. candidacy a “vanity project,” a “danger to voters,” and an “embarrassment to his family’s legacy.”

“Whatever point Robert Kennedy Jr. wants to make, the time for making it is over,” Hopkins added.

The news comes amid reports that the outspoken anti-vaccine conspiracy theorist has been approached by the team of former president Trump to potentially become his running mate. According to a report by the New York Post, a source within Trump’s inner circle, “preliminary overtures” were made to Kennedy, but also said that the interest was eventually deemed “premature.”

Trump’s campaign has strongly denied reports that anyone from their camp approached Kennedy. Chris LaCivita, a senior adviser in the Trump campaign, tweeting, “”NO ONE from the Trump Campaign ever approached RFK jr (or ever will),” adding that Kennedy was among the “most LIBERAL and radical” environmental activists in the country.

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