RFK Jr. Officially Qualifies for First Presidential Ballot

(RepublicanDaily.org) – Utah has granted Independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. permission to appear as a presidential candidate on election ballots in the state, making it the first state to do so.

RFK Jr. was granted his request for inclusion in the state’s election ballot as a presidential candidate after meeting the requirement that he present 1,000 signatures from voters in the state acknowledging him as a presidential contender. The campaign’s signatures were verified in December by the Salt Lake County Clerk’s office. After being granted permission, Kennedy announced that he had filed for candidacy.

After filing his candidacy at the Utah State Capitol located in Salt Lake City, he thanked campaign staffers and campaign volunteers.

“I have a lot of ties to this state,” Kennedy said.

Stefanie Spear, the spokesperson for the Kennedy campaign, said that they expect Arizona to be the next state that grants him permission to appear as a presidential candidate in election ballots.

RFK Jr. earlier voiced frustration regarding the tedious process Independent candidates like him have to go through with regard to inclusion in the ballots, saying that Republicans and Democrats have a “chokehold” of sorts on the political process in the country – more so in some states. Still Kennedy said that he would soldier on and continue to deal with the “arcane rules” for him to get ballot access in the 50 other states and Washington D.C.

“This process is forcing us to build our army now,” RFK Jr. said.

Kennedy, who previously attempted to campaign to become the Democratic presidential nominee, has found more success after he struck out as an Independent candidate. A Quinnipiac University poll released recently shows the known anti-vaccine conspiracy theorist within striking distance of the White House. The poll shows him garnering a 22% support in a hypothetical three-way contest with former president Donald Trump and President Joe Biden who had 36% support and 38% support, respectively.

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