Rescuers Safely Evacuate Trapped Tourists in Slovenia

( – Rescue teams in Slovenia finally managed to evacuate five people who were trapped inside one of the country’s underground caves after days of heavy rainfall caused the water level inside the caves to rise.

The five were comprised of a family of three as well as two tour guides. The group was ostensibly on a tour of the Križna Jama (or Cross Cave) cave network when incessant rain caused the water inside to rise suddenly, trapping them inside. When the group did not return at the end of the day, a third tour guide went out to look for them, but was unable to find the group. The Slovenian Cave Rescue Service (CRS) was then dispatched to conduct search and rescue operations. They were also aided by the ECRA, or the European Cave Rescue Association, which was responsible for sending out the divers into the caves that eventually found the group, stranded around 1.3 miles away from the entrance of the cave. When they were found, the divers reported the group being in good physical and mental condition.

While trapped, the group was able to sustain itself through rations and supplies brought in by professional divers, who also provided a heated tent. However, supply runs were dangerous, preventing the trapped people from being evacuated that way.

All five were rescued successfully once it was safe enough for them to be transported out by boat. They were trapped in the cave for 55 hours before rescue teams managed to bring them out.

In terms of biodiversity, the Križna Jama network of caves is the fourth largest cave ecosystem in the world. The area, which lies in the southwestern region of Slovenia and boasts emerald green waters, is only accessible by boat and is one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations. The whole network of caverns is around five miles long.

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