Republican Goes on Crazy Bender, Leaving Family Concerned

( – One of the Florida GOP’s top officials has been found after a week of being declared missing by worried family members.

It turns out that George Riley Jr. had spent all that time on a destructive and drunken spree, trashing the hotel room he was staying in and getting himself kicked out of the premises. Riley is the executive director of the Florida chapter of the Republican Party and has been with the organization since 2008.

According to staff of the Hampton Inn hotel in Kissimmee, Riley vomited and urinated all over the hotel room and broke the room’s electronic blinds. He was removed from the property for “excessive drinking,” clearing out the hotel’s entire stock of alcohol, as well as property damage. He was eventually found by sheriff’s deputies at another hotel, the B Resort and Spa in Lake Buena Vista.

Deputies said that he was found safe and unharmed but was under the influence of alcohol. As he was not deemed a threat to himself or the people around him, he was allowed to go free and be reunited with his family.

Prior to the incident, Riley had reportedly told his family members that he would be traveling to Kissimmee for work. However, he shortly cut off communication with his loved ones, worrying them. Family members said that he was unreachable since March 29 and filed a missing persons report on April 4.

Riley later apologized for his behavior, saying that he was “deeply sorry” for everything that happened. He also promised to pay for all damages he caused and also apologized to the hotel employees for his “bad behavior.” The Florida GOP executive director also said that he plans to seek professional help soon. Riley said that he hopes his rehabilitation and therapy will make him a “better father, a better person and a better all-around employee.”

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