Renauld White Dead at 80

( – One of the pioneering members of the black community in Hollywood, Renauld White, has passed away at the age of 80 years old.

White was most known for his role in “Guiding Light”, and according to his IMDB page, he also made appearances in shows such as “General Hospital” and “One Life to Live.” Other credits include “Inside Job” and “The Stepford Wives,” as well as appearance in “Fashion,” a short-lived series on fashion by Andy Warhol that came out in 1979.

Born Feb. 1, 1944 in Newark, New Jersey to parents Robert White and Maybelline Scott White, White became one of the first black male models in the industry – his success measured by the decades he spent being a mainstay the fashion and entertainment world. He was a cover model on prestigious fashion publications such as Essence, Ebony and Jet, and also holds the distinction of being the first black male model to appear on the cover of GQ.

“We were so honored to have represented Renauld,” read part of a statement of Bella Agency founder Ray Volant. Bella Agency was Renauld’s representative for a decade.

Volant also lauded Renauld for his pioneering spirit, as well as his willingness to guide younger generations of male models struggling to cope with the industry’s twists and turns.

“He helped young models find their place in the industry,” Volant said.

Renauld’s death was confirmed by the Bella Agency, as well as by a long-time friend, designer Jeffrey Banks.

Banks did not provide the cause of Renauld’s death, but said that the model and actor had passed away at the Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City, where he was receiving hospice care.

In a tribute post on Instagram, Banks thanked Renauld for being a great ambassador for his brand, but even more for being a dear friend.

“[I] will always remember the barriers you broke in the fashion industry,” Banks wrote, “and the love you shared as a trusted friend.”

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