President Biden Says the Border Is Congress’ Problem

Biden Has Another Gaffe, Throws in the Towel

( – President Joe Biden is seemingly passing the buck to Congress to deal with the migrant crisis at the U.S.’ southern border, saying that he prefers that lawmakers come up with legislation to address the problem, Fox News reported.

When asked recently by reporters on what he plans to do regarding the situation at the border – where thousands have camped in the hopes of being granted humanitarian asylum, and thousands more cross illegally into the U.S. – the president said that was “counting on the border action happening by itself.” He then added that he was waiting for Congress to pass legislation to help manage the situation.

The president was also forced to acknowledge that the left and right sides of the aisle have yet to agree on how to manage the circumstances at the border, but Biden said that he was “helping them [House Republicans]” to come up with a solution. The president has repeatedly blamed GOP lawmakers for the failure to pass a measure that would address the border crisis, but Republicans have countered that the measures Biden and the Democrats are proposing are too lax and logistically impractical.

In an opinion piece for news outlet The Hill, Republican Ohio Representative Dave Joyce countered that Biden has failed to deliver on his promise to fix the U.S.’ immigration system and secure the border.

“Mr. President, the border crisis is not on us, it’s on you,” Joyce began.

The Ohio representative called the massive influx of migrants a “policy-driven crisis” that has gotten out of control due the White House’s refusal to “enforce immigration laws already on the books” and because of the Biden administration’s unwillingness to “publicly dissuade migrants from illegally crossing the border.”

Earlier, the president was reportedly considering executive action to address the abuse of the U.S.’ asylum policies at the southern border.

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