People Calling for Democrat’s Resignation After Mocking Easter

( – A councilwoman for the state of New Jersey is being urged to vacate her post over an offensive meme on Easter that she shared on social media.

In the post, Councilwoman Paula Gilligan took to Instagram to ridicule Easter, calling easter eggs “aborted chicken babies… painted in drag” which she said many parents are letting their kids “worship.”

“Happy Easter,” Gilligan finished.

Following the post, detractors of the Democratic councilwoman have been calling on Gilligan to issue a public apology, as well as resign from her current position in government.

To that effect, the councilwoman has already issued an apology, saying that it was never her intention to offend anyone.

“To those who feel it [the meme] mocks your holiday traditions, that was not my intention,” Gilligan said.

She also explained that her reposting of the meme was more of means to promote discussion on an individual’s “personhood”, as well as point out the “absurdity” of a number of states’ personhood laws. She further explained that ultimately, she was fighting for people’s “right to control their bodies and their lives.”

After reprimanding Gilligan, the Glen Rock council and Glen Rock Mayor Kristine Morieko issued a statement also apologizing for the incident, saying that all religious beliefs and traditions should be “treated with respect.” Moreover, the statement read, such beliefs should never be mocked, made the subject of jokes, or be used in “inflammatory social media posts.”

Republicans and other members of the opposition have heavily criticized the councilwoman for reposting the offensive content, with some groups saying that they will hold protest actions against the councilwoman. Others have scored Gilligan for her supposed lack of sensitivity towards her constituents, as not all mirror this her view on the holiday.

As of press time, Gilligan has not released a statement in response to calls for her to resign.

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