Pelosi Facing Backlash for Telling Protesters to “Go Back To China”

( – Democratic California Representative and former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is facing intense criticism after she recently lashed out at a group of protesters and shouted at them to “Go back to China.”

The California representative was apparently frustrated at a group of pro-Palestinian activists who took to holding protests calling for a ceasefire in Gaza outside of her home. When she confronted them, she told them to “go back to China” where their “headquarters is.”

The protesters were from an organization called “Code Pink”. The incident also apparently occurred in October last year, but video showing the confrontation has only surfaced recently.

Pelosi’s comment was referencing an article by the New York Times that claimed that Code Pink was part of an extensive global network of various organizations and non-profits set up by China to help spread its propaganda in their respective localities and countries. The New York Times story claimed that Code Pink previously criticized China’s dismal human rights record but after receiving funding from American nonprofits who were in turn financed by “donations” from China, backtracked on their stance and even expressed support for China’s inhumane treatment of the Muslim Uyghur minority. Code Pink has denied the claims made by the NY Times.

Pelosi has also come under fire for previous comments where she claimed that some of the pro-Palestinian activists and protesters in the U.S. had ties to Russia. At a recent appearance on CNN’s “State of the Union” news segment, Pelosi acknowledged that there were definitely pro-Palestinian activists are “spontaneous and organic and sincere” but said that others were pursuing an agenda dictated by their Russian handlers. The California representative added that calls for a complete ceasefire in Gaza is “Mr. [Vladimir] Putin’s message”, while also calling for the FBI to launch an investigation on how certain pro-Palestinian advocacy groups in the U.S. receive their funding.

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