Patient Dead After Being Kicked Out of Ambulance

( – An investigation is now underway over an incident where a patient was kicked out of an ambulance and left to collapse on the sidewalk in Rochester, New York. The man died two weeks after the incident.

A 12-minute video of the incident has been released, which shows the man refusing to get out of the ambulance by paramedics as police officers arrive to help. The paramedics accuse the man of lunging at them while inside the ambulance as they were trying to administer medical treatment. Reports say that the man called for an ambulance after experiencing difficulty breathing.

“We tried to help, honey,” the EMT (emergency medical technician) is seen on the video as saying. “But the way that you got in here and the way that you jumped at us is no way to ask of somebody asking for help,” the EMT adds.

Police officers supported the EMTs and asked that the man leave the ambulance.

“I was freaking out,” the man explains. “You would freak out too if you can’t breathe.”

A police officer responds, “I hear you,” but said that the man should have controlled himself better. He was also told to wait for the arrival of another ambulance.

The man asks the police officer if he could take him to the hospital, but the police officer refuses.

The man then collapses on the curb and receives help after a few minutes.

Following the news of his death, Rochester Mayor Malik Evans said that he was “flabbergasted” by the whole incident. The mayor promised to get to the bottom of what happened, as well as to identify any processes and safeguards that will ensure something similar does not happen in the future.

“City residents are people and they deserve to be treated humanely and with the same attention as anyone else,” Mayor Evans said.

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