“Parasite” Actor Found Dead

(RepublicanDaily.org) – A popular South Korean actor was discovered dead in December, with authorities claiming that the “Parasite” star committed suicide. Just days before Christmas, authorities described how actor Lee, best known for his performance in the Oscar-winning film from 2019, was discovered unconscious inside of a car next to a charcoal briquette. The block of coal dust which is typically used to start fires emits sufficient carbon monoxide to poison a person when lit inside an unventilated and small space.

Sun-kyun’s car was parked in a park in the nation’s capital city of Seoul, and Lee was discovered unconscious at roughly 10:30 am. According to the Yonhap news agency, the actor, in his mid-40s, was reported missing to the police by his manager after a note was discovered in his home. In the letter, Lee appeared to suggest he planned to commit suicide, and his manager also noticed that his vehicle was not at his Cheongdam-dong home.

While the contents of the letter have not been published, some media outlets have speculated that the movie star’s suicide may have been connected to his use of illegal drugs. Lee had previously been subject to three rounds of questioning by the police for his use of marijuana and other banned substances. Lee is understood to have taken illegal drugs at the home of a waitress who worked at a popular bar in the Gangnam district of Seoul. Lee’s last round of questioning lasted around 19 hours.

In October, police also booked Lee as a subject in an investigation into the circulation and sale of drugs to customers in bars throughout Gangnam. Lee publicly denied any deliberate involvement in the sale or use of drugs, claiming that the waitress had tricked him into taking the drugs and that he was unaware of what the substances were. Lee also claimed that the waitress attempted to blackmail him.

After his first interrogation on October 28, the actor apologized to the public for causing “immense disappointment.” Lee subject himself to a lie detector test to prove his innocence, and also passed two drug tests during police probes.

Reports in December also revealed how Lee “begged cops” not to publicly reveal that he had been questioned as part of a drug probe.

Has Lee been found guilty, he could have faces as much as six months in jail for an initial offense, and an additional 14 years for dealing or repeat offending.

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