Oscar Pistorius Released from Prison

(RepublicanDaily.org) – Oscar Pistorius, a former Paralympic athlete for South Africa, was released from prison recently.

Pistorius was granted parole and served close to 10 years of his 13-year sentence for the killing of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp. The killing occurred in 2013, where Pistorius shot Steenkamp several times through a bathroom door. He told police that he thought Steenkamp was a burglar. A court still found the former sprinter guilty of the crime.

Despite his release, the conditions of Pistorius’ parole are very strict, much of which confine the double-amputee to a residence of his choosing until the remainder of his sentence ends. He is also not allowed to consume any alcoholic beverages or speak to members of the press. Pistorius is also required to attend therapy sessions to help deal with his anger and gender violence issues.

Pistorius’ release on parole was effective last January 5. The South African Department of Correctional Services said that decision to release Pistorius three years early was a result of the “rehabilitation program” for criminal offenders in the country. Authorities also said that they would continue to supervise Pistorius’ parole “in compliance with parole conditions until his sentence expires.”

The BBC reported that Pistorius is currently living with an uncle, but it is unknown as of press time what the former Paralympic athlete’s living arrangements will be, especially in light of the requirements of his parole.

On their part, the family of Steenkamp said that they were expecting the parole, with Steenkamp’s mother, June, even saying that she “welcomed” the decision to let Pistorius out of prison. But while she said that the “law must take its course,” the Steenkamp matriarch said that nothing would fill the void in her life left by Reeva.

In statement, June Stennkamp said that “no amount of time served” would return her daughter back to her, adding that “We, who remain behind, are the ones serving a life sentence.”

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