One Killed and 20 Injured After Accident Leaves 170 People Stranded

( – A harrowing accident in Turkey involving one of its cable car systems has left one person dead, more than a dozen people injured, and 170 passengers stranded in mid-air.

The cable car broke apart and fell into the hillside close to the Mediterranean city of Antalya. Authorities say that one of the gondola pods collided with part of the metal structure supporting it. The pod then crashed down into the rocky hillside, killing one and injuring the seven other passengers inside at the time. The accident caused the whole system to come to a halt, leaving the passengers in other cars stranded while their compartments hung precariously in mid-air.

The passengers have all been rescued as of press time, and no other casualties were reported outside of the 54-year-old Turkish man from the crashed cable car. The victims were stranded for close to 24 hours before rescue teams were able to bring them to safety.

Officials say that more than 600 emergency rescue personnel and 10 helicopters were dispatched to help the victims.

Photos show the exhausted and traumatized victims of the dreadful incident sprawled on the ground and covered in the jackets of emergency responders following their rescue.

The gondola ride is a tourist attraction, and carries passengers from the Konyaalti beach up to a restaurant and viewing platform located on the top of Tunektepe hills. The ride is extremely popular and is considered a “must-do” when in the area. The vista from the viewing platform offers beautiful sweeping views of the coastal city below and the Mediterranean Sea.

The attraction was also particularly packed with vacation-goers who were taking advantage of the three-day holiday weekend that marks the end of Ramadan, a major Muslim holiday.

Officials also said that prosecutor’s office in Antalya is currently conducting an investigation into the incident.

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