Nikki Haley Requests Protection From Secret Service

( – Citing a sharp increase in threats against her person, Republican presidential hopeful Nikki Haley has put in a request for security from the Secret Service.

Haley, who is the last remaining contender against former president Donald Trump for the Republican presidential nomination, said that she and her team have been experiencing “multiple issues” related to her security. Neither Haley nor her campaign provided any specific incidents that prompted the request, but the former South Carolina governor had been involved in two “swatting” incidents, where police were falsely called to her home on suspicion of a crime.

One incident even saw police officers draw their weapons and point them at her parents, according to Haley. Just in December last year, a hoaxer directed police to Haley’s residence in Kiawah Island, South Carolina, saying that he had killed his girlfriend there and wanted to harm himself. Haley, her husband and son were not home at the time. Only her parents and their caregiver were home and police ended up pointing their weapons at them. Haley called the incident an “awful situation” and said that it was apparently part of the price of running for president.

On multiple occasions, protesters who oppose her support for Ukraine and Israel have also disrupted events Haley has been in.

“That’s what happens when you run for president,” she said.

In the face of increased security risks to herself and her family – as well as an uphill battle at best with Trump for the Republican presidential nomination – Haley is holding steadfast and said she would soldier on.

“It’s not going to stop me from doing what I need to do,” she said.

By law, Secret Service protection can be granted to “major candidates.” Her request will be reviewed by the secretary for the U.S. Homeland Security, in consultation with a joint congressional committee.

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