Murder Victim’s Mother Criticizes Biden, Praises Trump Instead

( – The mother of murder victim Rachel Morin, the Maryland mother who was killed by an illegal immigrant from Venezuela, has slammed the Biden administration’s treatment of her daughter.

Patty Morin blasted President Joe Biden and Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for the government’s seeming indifference to her daughter’s rape and killing, as well as for all the victims of the Biden administration’s failure to address the issue of illegal immigration – along with the crimes some of these illegal aliens commit.

Speaking to Fox News, Patty panned the government’s – and President Biden’s – being seemingly out of touch with the situation created by illegal immigration due to their failure to address the border crisis, especially the plight of people whose families and loved ones have been harmed in the process.

In 2023, Rachel Morin went out for a run the Ma & Pa Heritage Trail in Bel Air, Maryland. After she did not return home, her boyfriend reported her missing. Her dead body was found shortly after close to the trail. The suspect was identified as Victor Antonio Martinez Hernandez, an illegal immigrant from Venezuela. However, Hernandez, who is said to have ties to the notorious MS-13 criminal gang in South America, was only arrested by police this year, in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Police have also linked the 23-year-old suspect to several other crimes across the country, including an assault on a mother and daughter in California.

Patty also singled out Mayorkas, whom she said depersonalized her daughter, whom the DHS chief did not identify by name when he addressed the incident, only referring to Rachel as the “individual who was murdered, the woman, the mother.”

“It’s a completely political statement,” Patty told Fox News host Laura Ingraham. “It totally depersonalizes her and makes her an object.” Patty added that the Biden administration has reduced her daughter to a statistic. “They [Biden administration] don’t value life.”

In contrast, Patty said that former president Donald Trump reached out to her personally to express his condolences.

“Mr. Trump was actually very genuine,” she said, saying that she truly felt that Trump empathized with her situation.

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