Mark Cuban Says He’ll Vote for Biden Over Trump

( – Billionaire businessman and investor Mark Cuban has given his two cents on the upcoming general election later this year, saying that he would vote for President Joe Biden over former president Donald Trump.

Cuban, who holds business interests in multiple industries, said that he would not vote for Trump, whom he called a “snake oil salesman.”

“Biden/Harris over Trump all day every day,” Cuban told news outlet Axios.

He also contrasted Biden and Trump, saying that the former is armed with “charts, graphs and statements”, while the latter peddles fake medicine to “cure everything that ails you.” Cuban, who is arguably one of the most high-profile and most recognizable businessmen in America, added that Biden “sells the steak” while Trump sells the “sizzle.”

Cuban stressed that he would not vote for the former president under any circumstances, even if Biden was “being given last rites” and “having his last wake.” He also said that he voted for Nikki Haley, Trump’s lone opponent in the Republican primary in Texas. Cuban said that it was a “protest vote” against the former commander-in-chief.

The businessman also predicted that there will be an “October Tech Surprise,” which will be driven by AI technology. He said that given that many voters take in information about the election and the participating candidates through various online platforms, “the campaign that figures out how to reverse engineer the algorithms and use them to their advantage” will be the one that wins over any undecided voters. Cuban said that campaigns are already likely using machine learning and large language models, or LLMs, to accomplish just that.

Cuban has been a long been a vocal Trump critic, especially after the January 6, 2021 riots in Capitol Hill. There had also been speculation that Cuban himself had presidential aspirations, but the entrepreneur has denied them, saying that he would never run for public office.

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