Marjorie Taylor Green Wants Mike Johnson to Resign

( – Republican Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor-Greene has not let go of her grudge against Republican Louisiana Representative and Speaker of the House Mike Johnson, whom she has called on to resign from the speakership.

While Greene has long expressed dissatisfaction with Johnson’s leadership of the thinning ranks of Republicans in Congress, her displeasure came to a head following the passage of a bipartisan bill that included billions of dollars of aid for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan.

Just after the bill passed, Greene called Johnson a “traitor” to the American people and the Republican Party in a post on Twitter/X. A number of Republicans, particularly those in the party’s far-right, have opposed additional funding to Ukraine, and have called on the administration of President Joe Biden to allot more taxpayer dollars to support better security and resources for border security.

““Mike Johnson’s speakership is over,” Greene told Fox News in an interview. She called on the Louisiana representative to “do the right thing” and resign, and allow the Republican party to start the process of looking for his replacement in a “controlled process.”

However, the “controlled process” that saw Johnson installed in the first place was not that at all. Following the surprise ouster of then-speaker and former Republican California representative Kevin McCarthy, the selection process for the next speaker was marked by constant squabbling within the congressional GOP’s ranks, which even devolved to some conservative lawmakers receiving multiple death threats over the issue.

Despite all of that though, Greene threatened that Johnson “will be vacated” if he does not step down of his own accord.

Greene has also filed a number of bizarre amendments to the aid bill. One calls for the allocation of funds for the development of “space laser technology” for the defense of the U.S.’ southern border. Another requires members of Congress that vote in favor of Ukraine aid should also allow themselves to be conscripted into the Ukrainian army.

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