Marcella Tillett Steps Down

( – The head of New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ non-profit organization responsible for sourcing donations from the private sector to fund the mayor’s pet public programs has stepped down from the position, the New York Post reported.

Marcella Tillett, who served as executive director for Mayor Adams’ Fund to Advance New York City, only held the position for 16 months before resigning. Adams tapped Tillet to head the non-profit after working with her in a previous capacity as Brooklyn borough president. Tillet was then part of the executive leadership of the Brooklyn Community Foundation.

Tillett had stopped attending the non-profit’s board meetings beginning in early February, but her resignation came as a complete surprise to all of the people she was working with, sources told the NYPost. As of press time, Tillett has declined to issue any comment on the matter.

The mayor’s office said that Tillett’s resignation was entirely for “personal” reasons, adding that there was absolutely no friction between Tillett or the mayor – or any other member of the mayor’s leadership team – regarding any project or initiative of the Mayor’s Fund.

Mayor Adams’ fundraising activities have come under the microscope of late, with federal agents conducting a raid of the home of one of the mayor’s most prominent campaign fundraisers, Rana Abbasova, early in November last year. Federal authorities say that they have reason to believe that Adams’ campaign had links to Turkey, and had previously raided the home of Brianna Suggs, another of Adams’ fundraisers. The raids were part of a massive investigation into the possibility that Mayor Adams may have committed improprieties during his 2021 campaign by allowing Turkey to send money his way to help fund his mayoral candidacy.

Following the raids, a legal defense fund has been set up for Adams, which has reportedly collected as much as $500,000 already.

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