Man Who Set Himself on Fire Outside Trump Trial Courthouse Dies

( – A man who set himself on fire outside the New York courthouse where former president Donald Trump’s “hush money” trial is being held has died.

On April 20, a man identified as Maxwell Azzarello, started the deadly stunt by handing out pamphlets espousing several anti-establishment conspiracy theories. Photos also show him protesting outside the courthouse two days prior, holding a sign that read, “Trump is with Biden and they’re about to fascist coup us.”

After distributing the pamphlets, Azzarello poured accelerant over himself and set himself on fire. Several news outlets covering the trial were witness to the horrific spectacle, with many cameras that captured the incident cutting away to other scenes from the trial to protect viewers from the ghastly sight.

Fox News reporter Eric Shawn was one of them, and was reporting on the trial in front of a camera but had to cut away to a courtroom sketch of Trump when the self-immolation incident happened.

Another reporter on site, Yasmin Vossoughian from MSNBC, said that it was “terrifying” to see Azzarello’s body outlined in the flames. The network’s video coverage also only showed the smoke coming from scene, but not any direct shots of the victim on fire.

Police, other first responders, and staff from the courthouse were eventually able to put of the fire and have Azzarello transported to the hospital. However, he died due to his injuries that same day.

People who knew Azzarello said that they were shocked over the incident describing the victim as “personable,” “funny,” and “selfless.” While he was known for his conspiracy theories, there was apparently no indication that he would end his life in the violent and horrifying way that he did. Azzarello also apparently struggled with mental illness, and was a former staff member of Democratic New York Representative Tom Suozzi.

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