Lloyd Austin Hospitalized for Cancer Treatment

(RepublicanDaily.org) – The White House has been facing flak after reports of the circumstances surrounding the sudden hospitalization of Lloyd Austin the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Defense.

Austin, who oversees the operations of the U.S. military on behalf of the executive branch of the government, was reportedly admitted in a hospital at the start of the year, where he supposedly underwent an elective surgical procedure. According to reports, his duties were temporarily assumed by Kathleen Hicks, the Deputy Secretary of Defense. However, at the time of Austin’s hospitalization, Hicks was on vacation in Puerto Rico. Apparently, Austin did not inform his superiors – including President Joe Biden and the Pentagon – that he would be taking time off for health reasons.

News outlet Mother Jones said that an unnamed official at the Department of Defense said that “someone’s head has to roll” due to the fracas. The sentiment has been echoed by a number of Republican lawmakers, such as Republican Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker, who has called that hearing on matter be conducted. He added that such a situation, especially given that it involved a senior government official whose functions are integral to the implementation of the U.S.’ foreign policy, was “unacceptable.”

Austin even drew criticism from Democrats, with South Carolina Representative James Clyburn telling CNN that the Defense Secretary is duty-bound to be transparent about issues like hospitalization.

The Washington Examiner reported that Austin’s treatment was for complications stemming an earlier procedure to treat his prostate cancer, citing Dr. John Maddox, the trauma medical director for the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. Austin was brought to Walter Reed on January 1 after complaining of suffering from “nausea with severe abdominal, hip, and leg pain.” Doctors said that Austin had a urinary tract infection caused by abnormal fluid collections in his abdomen. He was discharged from the hospital a day after.

Austin has also issued an apology for the lapse, and the White House said that there are no plans to replace the Defense Secretary at this time.

It has since been revealed that Austin was in the hospital for treatment of prostate cancer.

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