Liz Cheney Gets Called “Sleazy” by Mark Levin

( – Mark Levin has once again set his sights on former Republican representative Liz Cheney, calling her “sleazy” in a recent tweet.

Posting on Twitter / X, the outspoken Fox News host scored Cheney again over her supposed efforts to convict former president Donald Trump for the January 6, 2021 riots in the Capitol.

Levin’s comments came on the heels of an investigative piece from news outlet The Federalist, which accused Cheney – who was then part of the Congressional investigation into the January 6 protests – of “suppressing” evidence that the news outlet claimed would “exonerate” the former president from being involved in the violent protest action. The article claimed that Trump had indeed dispatched 10,000 troops from the National Guard to help quell the chaos at the Capitol, but Cheney and others intent on connecting the former president to the riots had “falsely claimed” that there was no evidence that Trump had ordered any reinforcements from the National Guard. The article cited early transcriptions of the investigation’s proceedings that were “suppressed from public release.”

The article, Levin tweeted, exposed Cheney as guilty of “possible witness tampering, censorship of exculpatory information and testimony,” along with “destruction of committee evidence and data” and more.

Another source for the supposed suppression of evidence are statements from former chief of staff to the acting secretary of defense, Kash Patel, who testified that it was not Trump, but rather D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser, who on that day decided to defer the deployment of National Guard troops. In certain circles, however, Patel is considered to be an unreliable source of information.

Following Levin’s tirade, Cheney fired back, saying that the Fox News was “still spreading BS,” also calling the Federalist article author, Mollie Hemingway, a “bozo.”

In response, Levin called the former Wyoming representative a “coward” and a “moron.” Levin also described Cheney as a “pathetic disgrace and demagogue” who should consider getting “professional help.”

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