Leaked German Documents Reveal Preparation Plans for WWIII

(RepublicanDaily.org) – If a number of recently leaked documents are to be believed the world could see the beginnings of its third major world war this year.

The leaked documents, apparent from Germany’s military, say that there is a strong possibility that Russia would go to war with NATO. Russia’s dictator-president, Vladimir Putin, has long had an issue with NATO, given the latter’s siding with Ukraine in what has turned out to be a painfully drawn-out attempted invasion by the Putin-led state.

German tabloid Bild made the initial report on the leaked documents, which indicate that come spring this year, Russian forces could mount a massive offensive against Ukraine, which could possibly end the conflict in Russia’s favor.

The document also cites the possibility of Russia launching destabilization attacks on other Eastern European NATO-member countries, particularly Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. The document says that Russia would employ cyberattacks as well as take steps to incite internal chaos in these countries.

As the NATO charter obligates member states to come to each other’s defense in the event of an attack, the entirety of NATO would effectively be at war with Russia, triggering a major world war in early 2025.

A German official has commented on the leaked documents, saying that such an event was “extremely unlikely” in reality and was simply a part of worst-case scenario planning commonly adapted by the military.

The sentiment was shared by a U.S. think tank, the Institute for the Study of War (ISW), which said that planning for such scenarios were commonplace in military preparation and training. It also called the timeline for a possible World War 3 presented in the documents as “improbable.” The ISW noted, however, that Western and NATO support was essential in preventing Russia from completely overrunning Ukraine. If Russia successfully incorporates Ukraine into its territory, it would feed into and encourage Putin’s fantasy of returning Russia to what he believes was the “golden age” of the Soviet Union.

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