Lauren Boebert Granted Restraining Order

( – There continues to be no shortage of drama in Republican Colorado Representative Lauren Boebert’s personal life after a court granted her request for a restraining order against her ex-husband, Jayson Boebert.

According to Boebert’s request, her former husband had made repeated threats against herself and also threatened to harm himself. The two have three minor children and one adult son together, as well as one grandchild.

A court filing in Garfield County said that Jayson “made multiple suicidal threats and threats to harm” Boebert over the last 14 months.

Boebert also referenced multiple incidents as basis for her petition for a restraining order, including an occasion where she said her ex entered her home in Stilt, Colorado recently without her permission, only sending a text message beforehand that he would do so. Boebert claims that Jayson then removed a number of her personal belongings and destroyed them.

The Colorado congresswoman also cited an incident earlier in the year at Miner’s Claim restaurant in Silt, where she said he falsely called the police on her, claiming that she had punched him in the face. Boebert also said that Jayson got into a fight with their 18-year-old son, Tyler, where he allegedly dug his thumb into his son’s mouth and grabbed a rifle in a drunken rage.

“Jayson assaulted our eighteen-year-old son at his home,” Boebert said of Jayson’s alleged actions.

For his part, Jayson called the restraining order “cruel and unfair,” blasting his ex-wife for keeping him from seeing his own children.

“It is a prison sentence to keep me from my family,” he told news outlet Westword.

He also denied making any threats against his former wife, saying that he was “unsure” of why Boebert would make such claims, but hazarded that his ex requested the restraining order in an attempt to justify her decision to file for candidacy for a congressional seat for a different Colorado district.

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