Lauren Boebert and Ex-Husband Under Investigation

( – Republican Colorado Representative Lauren Boebert was once again in the headlines after authorities said that the outspoken and controversial conservative congresswoman is under investigation after an alleged “altercation” with her ex-husband.

According to some accounts of the supposed incident, Boebert got into an argument with her ex-husband, Jason Boebert, whom she then “punched in the face.” The incident occurred at the Miner’s Claim, a restaurant in Silt, Colorado. Her husband has since recanted these claims.

Boebert, who is running again for Congress this year, has quickly denied all allegations against her, saying that her husband was making “false claims” about the incident. “[I] didn’t punch Jayson in the face and no one was arrested,” she said. The Denver representative also said that she was consulting with her lawyers over her next legal steps. She filed for divorce from her husband of 18 years last year which was also finalized after a few months. The Boeberts had four sons together.

The beleaguered Boebert captured headlines in September last year after she was kicked out of a musical performance of “Beetlejuice” at the Denver Performing Arts Center. She allegedly displayed unruly and disruptive behavior at the show, with some accounts saying that she was vaping and using her phone, and that she and her companion at the time were engaging in inappropriate behavior. She later issued an apology over the incident.

While Boebert is again gunning for a seat in the House, she is doing so for Colorado’s 4th congressional district, instead of the seat for the state’s 3rd congressional district, which she holds. The move was ostensibly a political tactic to avoid battling it out with Democrat Adam Frisch, who is running for the seat Boebert current holds. Boebert has reportedly been outmatched both by Frisch’s support among voters as well as his campaign war chest. The two previous duked it out in the last election, with Boebert winning by a mere 546 votes.

Boebert’s ex-husband was arrested on January 9.

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