Kristi Noem Gets Sued Over Video She Promoted

( – A consumer advocacy group has sued South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem over her endorsement of a Texas-based dental practice.

The lawsuit alleges that Noem, who is reportedly one of the candidates former president Donald Trump may tap to become his vice presidential running mate, failed to disclose that she had a financial relationship with the dental practice.

The lawsuit also accuses the South Dakota governor of engaging in “deceptive practices” and violating Washington, D.C.’s consumer protection laws, as well as guidelines set by the Federal Trade Commission that indicate that applicable social media posts should be declared as advertisements.

In the lawsuit, filed by Travelers United in a court in Washington D.C., plaintiffs said Noem should make full disclosures of her relationships with brands, companies, and businesses she promotes on social media.

Noem’s endorsement video runs for around five minutes, and she recounts consulting with Dr [Bret] Davis and Dr [Mackenzi McAfee-]Dooley, of Smile Texas Dental Clinic in Texas. Noem said that wanted to fix her teeth that were damaged in a bicycle accident. As a result of their work, she says that carries herself with more confidence. Noem said this is important in her political line of work where “everything is speaking and interviews and giving speeches.”

Now, instead of her appearance, Noem says that the repair of her teeth will better allow audiences to “focus on my thoughts and ideas and what we can do to really make this country better.”

Reynold Nesiba, a South Dakota Democratic state senator, is also calling for an inquiry into the advertisement, which he described as “very strange.” Nesiba said that Noem’s endorsement should be probed for the possible use of public funds since she had to travel all the way to Texas for a dental procedure.

As of press time, no representatives for either Noem or Smile Texas have issued any statements regarding the issue.

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